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May 3, 2020

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All You Need To Know About Aerial Yoga Swings

Aerial yoga means any form of yoga that is done above the ground by getting suspended in the air with the help of props and equipment like trapeze lines, straps, hoops, fabric, silks, and tissue. Of all the multiple ways of doing aerial yoga, the use of slings or hammocks is the most famous of all. The use of slings to carry out aerial yoga combines the various traditional yoga postures. Here are all you need to know about aerial yoga.

It is not advisable to wear jewelry, apply lotion or perfume when doing aerial yoga because the hammocks can get ripped or snagged. When you take off jewelry and avoid lotions and perfumes, the hammock will be strong enough to protect you from slipping and snags. You should also properly trim your nails both the toes and fingers to reduce the chances of tearing the hammock.

Wear a fitting clothing when going for the aerial yoga practice which should cover the back of your knees and armpits to enhance better movement in the slings as well as to prevent chafing. Having mentioned that the hammocks can get torn, it is advisable that the clothing that you wear be free of attachments such as buckles which can be caught in the sling . A well-fitting capris or full yoga pants are recommended to avoid irritation on the skin and possible chafing. To protect yourself and if you have to go in barefoot, wear ankle and wrist braces.

Yoga enthusiasts have the opportunity of picking their styles from the different styles of yoga available out there. Before deciding on any particular style, consult widely and get an experienced teacher to help you choose what works best for you. A competent yoga teacher will guide you on the different techniques for breathing or pranayama, and they will encourage you to always breath comfortably when you pose and during transitions.

The hammock you are likely to find has a capacity of up to 2000 pounds and are made from nylon material of high density. You might take some time before you can trust the hammock and move more freely. The advantage of enrolling in aerial yoga classes lies in the fact the classes are generally smaller which means more individualized attention, safe transitions and more focus on alignment.

If you are looking for a practice that will make you more flexible or help in reducing back pain, then the aerial yoga is your best choice. Besides traditionally known benefits of aerial yoga of sleep and relaxation, the yoga practice has also been known to improve the overall well-being of the body, mind, and soul.

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